SO HEY I EXIST love Elly + New Years Resolutions

Sometime last year two girls got inspired to create a blog together because FRIENDSHIP and WRITING and THEY WERE REALLY PASSIONATE AND SOMETIMES ANGRY BUT MOSTLY OVERALL CRITICAL ABOUT THINGS IN THE MEDIA. And one of them came up with a brilliant and witty nickname, and the other designed the blog and created it and did a lot of general planning and indeed most of the work. And then Life, the cruel succubus of the abyss interfered. And the girl who did all the planning and always worked hard and was ambitious continued to be a hard working contributor. And the other girl, who admittedly was amazing at nicknaming, watched as lasers and burning things and tsunamis of bad bad badness surrounded her. But then through patience and subtle manipulation the hardworking girl got the nicknamer to get some semblance of her life together and write again. AND THUS WE ENTER 2017 WITH A SENSE OF HOPE AND PURPOSE.

So hey. Two girls one blog got its original team back together. CUE 80’S DAD ROCK ANTHEM. It’s me Elly, your friendly film expert, and the girl who has no sense of structure, ON A COMEBACK. I’m not gonna say 2017 is gonna be my year, because time isn’t real, but if we look at 2016 as the mean ogre with a pitchfork who kept me in a cage, we could see 2017 as my fight sequence and eventual escape from ogre captivity. And that’s the attitude we all need for this year, Fight! Kick that essays ass, bat that mental illness away with a golfclub, joust your way into that person’s affection. This is the year of trying and recovery and not limiting yourself. This also might be the year for me to question some of my inspiring metaphors.

But what does that mean for me on the blog? Well it means content! That’s Right! The bare minimum of what you would expect for a blog! I am going to post here. But Elly, You ask, in slight apprehension, curiosity and maybe a hint of outright fear, what will you post? And to that I say hmmmmmmmmmm. I love films, and I love TV and I love media. I also love the sound of my own voice, so expect any combination of this and some varied writing. WHO KNOWS WHAT SORT OF HIJINKERY I AM CAPABLE OF. But in all seriousness it’ll be some reviews, some tips and some level of critical thought. And lets keep our fingers crossed that it’ll be up to the fantastic level and precedent set by my fellow writer Lizz, who is great. And pretty. AND VERY PATIENT.

Welcome 2017, The year where our standards are literally too low that anything mildly good will be great.


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