Bookish Bingo Update #4: December (Winter #1)

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Hello everyone, hope you had a great December! Just like everyone else I’m ready for 2016 to be over and I’ve got loads of really fun posts planned for 2017! So here it is the first Winter Bookish Bingo update. [See my final Fall wrap up here] I’m pretty happy with my reading this month, I got through four books (which I know is nothing special but it’s better than usual!).

All hail my MS Paint skills!


This month I read four books (December’s colour is dark blue):

Free Sqaure – Taking that now to make myself feel like I’m making slightly more progress…

 Blue Cover – The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Neil Gaiman. I love this book (review coming soon) and the British edition, which I have,  has a blue cover so I’m slotting this one in her.

Sequel – Sourcery, by Terry Pratchett. (Review coming soon) The 5th book in the Discworld series – this was funny and smart and everything I want in a Pratchett novel.

Not YA – The Bloody Chamber, Angela Carter. (Review coming soon) Oh my, this was not YA… This was weird and gory and full of sex and weird. I can’t think of a book that fits this category better.

Banned Book – The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis. (Review coming soon) I re-read this book as part of my degree this month. This book was a delight, I had so much fun reading back through this little book (it’s really small, I used to think these books were huge!)

 All in all I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made so far with this card – plenty of possible bingos are lining up. Let me know how you’re doing with this card!

 ~ Lizz


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