Bookish Bingo Update #3: November (Fall #3)

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Hello everyone, hope you had a fantastic November! This is my final Fall ’16 Bookish Bingo update (Winter Bookish Bingo posts will be starting here on Dec 2nd). I’ve really loved my first season of Bookish Bingo, and although I didn’t get any bingos this time (mostly due to being forced to read books for school that only fit into random categories)  I’ve had a really great time and I can’t wait to start the Winter Bookish Bingo card.

All hail my MS Paint skills!


This month I read four books (yellow is November’s colour):

Rec’d to You – Scar by Carrie Etter [I went to a poetry reading night and Carrie read this poem out which the guy from the book shop said was great. He was right it was fantastic and I had to buy it and read the whole chapbook again.]

Weapon on the Cover – Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes  [Lovely cover, lovely book]

Graphic Novel – Godzilla in Hell [A quick read, but I didn’t really understand what was going on, or enjoy it that much]

Backlist – Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier [My mum recommended this book to me four or five years ago, and this month I had to read it for my genre fiction class so I finally picked it up. I got the audiobook.]

And that is the end of Fall ’16 Bookish Bingo (awwww) but come back this Friday for the start of the Winter ’16 Bookish Bingo!

~ Lizz

BONUS NEWS: This is a special piece of news just for you for reading all the way to the end – this December I will be be uploading a blog post everyday! I’ve got lots of exciting new things planned for this next month including Bullet Journal related posts, book tags, I’ll be sharing some of my poetry, a few posts to get ready for 2017 and lots of reviews on top of that! I’ll hope you’ll join me for the most exciting month yet on TwoGirlsOnBlogUK.

^This didn’t happen, oh dear…


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