The Traveller Series by Tiffany Teoh Review // On my Preorder list #1 – Blog Tour

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This post is an exciting post for two reasons (1) today I’m starting a new series called ‘On My Preorder List’, and (2) this is TwoGirlsOnBlog’s first blog tour!

My idea behind the ‘On My Preorder List’ series was to talk you through a book I’m really anticipating and tell you why. Today I’m kicking of the series with Tiffany Teoh’s  The Traveller Series – which comes out November 23rd! [Her publishers Royal James are giving away vouchers and e-copies of the book  – see the end of this blog post for details]!


Why is The Traveller Series on my pre-order list?

1 – The cover

Now I know people always say never judge a book by it’s cover but I think any bookworm out there will agree with me that when we’re in the bookshop if the cover of the book is pretty enough it’s coming home with us no matter what kind of book it is. The cover for The Traveller Series is absolutely stunning, as soon as the cover was revealed knew I had to buy it.

2 – What over the pre-release reviews are saying about it

So if you don’t judge a book by it’s cover then what do you judge it by then? Well, it’s Goodreads page of course and The Traveller Series has been getting some great pre-release reviews that have made it impossible for me not to pre-order it.

Estelle Harwood said  in her five star review – ‘Definitely a must read for poetry lovers who, like me, prefer the simplicity of words used to create depth that is discovered upon reading and re-reading, tasting the words, rolling them around and stringing them in sequence to evoke and challenge. “See, I consider my angels, to be strong, but I need someone, whose angels are stronger.”’

In her review Lynndell described the poetry and photography in The Traveller series as ‘breathtaking‘  and ‘gorgeous!

And in his review the Serial Reader described the book as ‘Young and genuine, The Traveller Series is a window to the world that makes you wonder “what’s next?”. A simple yet powerful example of how we can find beauty in the simplest things, if only we allow ourselves to slow down enough to witness them.’

3 – It sounds exactly like my kind of book

Teoh said that this collection of poems comes from her longing to travel after hearing everyone else talk about it and as a poor student that is something I can completely relate to. I’d love to go hiking in India or exploring New York but I can barely afford to pay my rent, I have classes to attend and essays to write.I think we all have had those moments where our wanderlust doesn’t line up with our bank account or our commitments in the real world. And that’s where books come in, I can travel round the world on a Tuesday morning and still make it into Uni in time to make my lecture on Pindar and Horace. I also have challenged myself to read more modern poetry this year to inspire me in my own writing and Teoh’s work looks like the perfect candidate for this.

 Other bonuses: This book is going to make the perfect Christmas present for all of my friends who love to travel! (Will and Hannah start getting excited because this is coming your way at Christmas time)!

The Traveller Series in Tiffany Teoh’s own words:

“The series started from a longing to want to travel after hearing all the good and bad tales from long term backpackers.

Every single piece that made it and didn’t make it in this is book has a special place in my heart as they were the beginning of a journey of a memory that never happened, but a longing that was constant.

We all naturally have it in us to wonder and wander, it’s just a matter of allowing it to take you to places.”

dsc_2360 About Tiffany Teoh:

Tiffany is a Malaysian born Chinese, of Peranakan heritage. She was raised in Kuala Lumpur until the age of 17 and proceeded to live in Australia for 8 years until the age of 25. She is currently hitchhiking and traveling around the world with her fiancé and their puppy. For more on Tiffany, visit her website



To celebrate the release of the Traveller Series on November 23rd Royal James Publishers are hosting a giveaway:

Click here  or visit Royal James Publishing’s Facebook page to enter to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card and a digital copy of, The Traveller Series by Tiffany Teoh.

Bonus: Check out Tiffany’s brilliant guest post on The Serial Reader’s blog!

~ Lizz


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