10 fantasy book series I’m dying to read 

Anyone else being crushed under a ridiculously large TBR list? My TBR pile and list are growing daily, it’s terrifying. I can’t help myself if someone tells me about a book I write it down in my bullet journal and run off to the library (whilst in the library I get distracted by more pretty books and even though I only came in for one book I end up leaving with twelve and have ruined my life).

At the beginning of the year I wrote this list as a rough guide for myself for what I wanted to be reading this year. Oh poor naive me from the past who thought she would stick to her plans.

My new plans is to tell you lot that I want to read these series because if I admit on the internet that I’m planning to read these books I feel more obliged to read them (I don’t want you lovely people thinking I’m some kind of reading failure!!) So here is my list of the top ten fantasy series I want to read:

A song of ice and fire – G.R.R. Martin


This is a goal that I’ve talked about quite a bit on this blog already but one of my reading goals for 2016 is to get completely caught up on the A song of ice and fire series (and maybe the TV show as well if I get the time!). You all know that these books are freaking HUGE so it’s taking me a little while to work through this series (and by a little while I mean years because university is cruel and ants to me read at least two books a week for them on top of my own reading)- but I’m currently two thirds of the way through A Dance with Dragons part 1, I’m slowly getting there…

Discworld – Sir Terry Pratchett


These books are nowhere near as big as Martin’s novels but there are so many of them – so many! Not that that’s a bad thing, personally I wish this series was infinitely long and I could just carry on reading them forever. I’m currently reading the seventh book in this series and I’m loving every word of it. Discworld is a satirical exploration of beliefs and British society written by the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett.

Falling kingdoms – Morgan Rhodes


I finished the first book of this series last night on the train and oh my days it is so good. Incestual feelings, witches, hidden lands, war, stunning castles – what more do you need??

Earthsea cycle


All hail Queen Ursula!

The kingkiller chronicles – Patrick Rothfuss


This series tops most lists of best fantasy series which is amazing seen as its not even finished yet! Add to that my love for Patrick. I just have to read this series. I already own all of this series and now it is sat on my book shelf making me feel guilty.

Lord of the rings – J. R. R. Tolkien


A classic. I should be taken out and shot for not having read it already.

The Inheritance Cycle – Christopher Paolini


This list didn’t have anywhere near enough dragons in it. Why didn’t I read this while I was a teenager like every other self respecting reader, I’m not sure…

The Lightbringer series – Brent Weeks


Every review I love who has read this series has given all these books five stars. I’m dying to read them. They’re just so big and they terrify me.

Temeraire – Naomi Novik

‘Dragons-‘ I’m sold already. Dragons fighting in real historical battles, does it get much better than that?? The ninth and final book came out earlier this year, better late than never I guess.

The Malazan book of the Fallen – Steven Erikson


I’ve never heard anyone talking about this series on Booktube/ or on their blog but one day when I was reading buzzfeed’s The 51 Best Fantasy Series Ever Written (I don’t know why I did this, my TBR list is already way too long, it’s like I enjoy torturing myself…) and it sounded so good it went onto the list with any hesitation.

Pray for me.



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