Bookish Bingo Update #2: October (Fall #2)

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Happy Halloween everyone! I’m back again with a Bookish Bingo round up. Now, at the end of my September round up I said that I wanted to read more in October then I did in September. I’m sure I didn’t just mean one more book but I guess you have to take victories where you can. More excitingly however, patterns are starting to emerge on my bingo card!!

(Again, all hail my MS paint skills)


Key: Orange = September // Red = October

  • Revenge – The Word for World is Forest. I loved this book so much! When I’ve worked my through my Uni reading list I’m going to buy everything Ursula Le Guin has written and disappear for a week. Review here.
  • Sea Creatures – Zoo City. There’s a six foot white shark in this book which I’m going to count as fitting into this category.Review here.
  • Stand Alone – Fight Club.  You end up reading all sorts of books you never thought you would on a Creative Writing degree. Review coming.

Let me know how your Bookish bingo is going this fall!



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