October ’16 TBR

Happy Halloween month everyone! I’m so excited for this month, I’m back in uni (finally), the leaves are changing colour and it’s finally huge jumper season again! What’s not to love?!

I have to admit that my TBR  this month is a little ambitious, considering I read a book and a half last month *shame*, so I’m trying to make up for it this month by trying to read 8 books???? Send help.

My October 2016 TBR


1. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms – G.R.R. Martin


A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a series of shortish stories (they’re short for George!) follow hedge knight Dunk and his Squire Egg. I’ve read two out of three of these stories and they’ve been a lot of fun. So I’m looking forward to finishing this. I’ve really enjoyed being about to explore Westeros from a different point of view and at a different time period than A Song of Ice and Fire.

2.Falling Kingdoms – Morgan Rhodes


I’ve heard nothing but good reviews for this book on booktube and all my favourite blogs, and I am dying to read this book. It’s been sat in my TBR pile for a month now and it won’t stop staring at me – I’m struggling to concentrate!  This fantasy story follows three young adults in a world that’s on the brink of war after 100 years of peace and mistreatment.

3. War of the Staffs – K.M. Tedrick & Steve Stephenson


The lovely people at Black Rose Writing have sent me a copy of this for review, and I’m excited to finally get into it as I just didn’t have time in September.

4-6. Percy Jackson series books 3-5   – Rick Riordan


This is the month that I’m going to finish the Percy Jackson series (only about seven years too late, but shhh you). Books one and two were a real delight and a lot of fun, so I am so pumped to pick up the rest of the series this month. When he is 12 years old Percy Jackson finds out he’s the son of the Greek god Poseidon and that there’s much more to the world than he ever imagined there could be.

7. Illuminae – Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman


I’ve repeatedly heard really good things about this book but I’ve been trying to read it for a couple of months now and am really struggling to get into it. Maybe I just picked it up at the wrong time because I’ve been in a very long reading slump lately, so I’m happy to give it a second change. I’m going to knuckle down and read it this month, especially as my currently reading list on Goodreads is getting way too long!

8. Endgame – Samuel Beckett


*Obligatory degree reading* *Sigh*

Let me know what you lovely people are planning to read this month or if you have any thoughts on the books on my list. Have a fantastic month everyone!



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