Welcome, to twogirlsonebloguk

Guys, right, we know the names immature, but it’s also witty and that’s the kind of quality content you can be expecting from us over here at twogirlsonebloguk.

Welcome to our review blog, filled with our opinion’s on books, film and TV. And the occasional rant about aspects of those aforementioned things. As well as probably pictures of Lizz’s dog at one point.

Who are we? Two university students who think they have time on their hands when they really really don’t. With the honour of writing this first post is Elly, the resident film person and ginger. In charge of the smart book learning is Lizz, who loves reading, writing and being prettier than everyone in the room 90% of the time.

I can’t promise this won’t be an emotional whirlwind, or an angry tirade, or even the best damn blog you’ve ever seen, I can’t even promise consistency at this point. But this blog will be a place for us to look at all this media being shoved in front  of us and asking what it’s doing, what it represents, and if it made us feel an emotion other than contempt.

So stick around for some reviews, some opinion’s and seriously the picture’s of the dog are adorable.


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